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16 Tips That Virtually Guarantee Mind-Blowing Sex – Maxim

Maxim 16 Tips That Virtually Guarantee Mind-Blowing SexMaximwhere people from near and far kindly share their best sex tips, so that we can try them out for ourselves. For the sake of simplicity, I read through the length thread and found the best of the best sex tips, and compiled them into this handy list… Read More »

Behold: Cosmo’s 50 Best Sex Tips Ever – (blog) (blog) Behold: Cosmo's 50 Best Sex Tips (blog)Way before it was in fashion, Cosmo has been unashamed to present women's sexual enjoyment as something worth standing up for. Getty. By Anna Breslaw. Oct 25, 2015. Cosmo has been educating and empowering women for half a century, and our sex tips …