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By | August 20, 2018



The number one culprit is still diet, and lack of exercise is a serious runner up for the number two spot. But, those are not the only two things which affect our health. Did you know that frustration can lead to health problems as well? I have noticed the gents many gents who date Wood Green escorts from are frustrated in one way or another.

Why is frustration so bad for you? Feelings of frustration can quickly lead to stress and even anxiety. When this happens, other medical conditions such as high blood pressure can follow. I daresay one or two of the gentlemen I date at Wood Green escorts do suffer from stress which has in turn lead to problems with high blood pressure. You a soon tell when someone’s suffers from high blood pressure.


How do you handle dating someone who suffers from high blood pressure? If someone’s suffers from very high blood pressure they do normally tell you. But, you can’t rely on that. It is best to be aware. You may notice things like someone breathing a little bit heavy, and you could perhaps also pick on a reddish skin color in the face. In that case it is best to slow things down a little bit, and take it easy. I am aware that some of the senior gents I date at Wood Green escorts may indeed suffer from high blood pressure.


Frustration can cause erratic behavior as well. This may manifest itself as aggression and also other problems like insomnia. If you start to feel like you can’t handle daily life, you should really do something about it as soon as possible. Aggression never used to be such a big deal when I started to work for Wood Green escorts, but we have started to see our fair share of that kind of behavior now. It is mainly in younger gents, and at times, I have even had to say no to a dates. When I first started to escort that never used to happen.  People have become more demanding, and it does not really work when it comes to having a good time with escorts in Wood Green. We can only be your perfect sex kittens when you are less demanding.


Our lives are so rushed that we need to start to practice techniques which do slow us down a little bit. Yoga and tantric massage are tow such methods you can try. I love giving a tantric massage. It is wonderful when you can slow someone down to allow that person to have truly great experience. Tantric massages have become very popular with the girls at Wood Green escorts, and more and more of the girls are getting into them. If you are good at tantric massages, I promise you that you will be one of the busiest girls at Wood Green escorts, so you may want to brush up on your massage skills.


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