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By | August 16, 2018

There are a lot of things that they find to be attractive and appealing. It is however only natural for them to love certain aspects in women more than others. American men are growing fonder of London escorts. Unlike some years back, American men are finding London girls hotter. Why you may ask? Well, for starters, men are simple and visual creatures. Attraction happen very fast and they do not need a lot of information to get attracted. Basically, it is all about the first impression. As time passes however, the attraction changes becoming deeper, but in the case of London escorts, it never really gets to the deeper part. Anyway, if you are curious to know why American men find London girls especially escorts hot, read on.

Escorts in London are cheerful

There is nothing that puts off an American man than a mean and depressed girl. Agreed, it is not expected that you be cheery all the time neither is it easy to put on a happy face all the time. However, London girls pull it off so effortlessly. It comes so naturally to them. This gives them an edge and a plus. Americans also know a great well known London secret.

Escorts in London are well dressed an good looking

Guilty as charged. Men are all about looks. How a girl looks determines the number of men they will have falling for her. Note however that this does not mean that you go under the knife. That is rather unattractive given that the beauty is fake. To look good, all a girl has to do is spend some extra time in front of the mirror ensuring that they have all the colors matching well and that they have the right outfit for the occasion.

London escorts, needless to say, excel in this. So much so that fashion should even be their middle name. They put on fitting clothes knowing just how much skin to expose without coming across as preservative nor skimpy.

They are flirty

Arguably, London girls are by far the most flirtatious girls there are. There is nothing that these escorts cannot flirt back. And believe it or not, this is a major turn on for American men. London escorts who can flirt and is womanly can without a doubt infatuate any man in the planet.

They have a seductive voice

There are a few things in life that can make the hairs at the nape of a man’s neck raise with excitement. A woman’s voice is one of the few. Sure, mastering a seductive voice takes time and practice. However, for many American men, the British accent from London escorts is enough to make their knees wobbly.

London girls show some skin

Now, now, this is not a guide to being slutty. However, showing some flesh is one thing that a lady will never go wrong on. However, escorts in London should know just how much skin to show so that she does not send the wrong impression. London girls have an

Inborn sense of how to get it right. It is never too revealing with them nor too covered up. It is just the right amount. They are gifted in this and America men find it very hot.

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