How I survived the break up with the love of my life

By | February 8, 2018
My sister who works for a fantastic cheap escorts still finds it hard to believe that I have only had sex with my former husband. Up until recently, he was the only man that I really fancied, and I could not imagine myself having sex with anyone else. My sister and I have totally different lifestyles. She loves her London escorts career and I am the sort of girl you would find at home looking after the kids. But when I broke up with my husband, I just knew that I would have to change.
After my divorce, it suddenly dawned on me that I had only ever worked in a supermarket and that was before I married my husband. As soon as we got married, I gave up my job to settle and start a family. At the time, my sister had just started her London escorts career, but it was clear that she had a different outlook on life. She is really what I call a bit of a go and getter, and that is what you need to be when you work for a London escorts.
I was happy to take things in my stride and solely relied on my husband for an income. When the kids turned 12 and 14, my sister’s London escorts career was going great and I was just about to become a divorcee. The fact that I did not know anything else than how to look after a husband and kids totally scared me, and I thought that I would never get a job. I was lucky to get a job in the local supermarket again, but it did not compare to my sister’s lifestyle at London escorts.
Secretly I have always admired my sister and her approach to life. She is one of those girls who has done very well for herself thanks to London escorts. In what I call my personal darkest hour, I realised that there was nothing stopping me from finding my own personal gift. I knew that I was good with people, and started to look at various business ideas. It was then I came across a home business called Mary kay, and before I knew it, I was selling Mary Kay to my friends.
Sure, selling Mary Kay cosmetics is not the most exciting thing you can do, and it certainly does not compare to working for London escorts. But, like I say to my sister, it is my sort of thing and has helped me to get through my break up. It is something just for me, and I am doing well at it. I never thought that I would have my own business let alone make a success of it. If I had my own business doing my marriage, I may have been able to stand up for myself a bit more, and not let my husband walk all over me. One thing is for sure, he not going to do so again now that I have got my own business and the sexiest toy boy that you have ever seen.

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